The Peacock

His head held high, a truly majestic bird that owns the town
He is the epitome of royalty; true class defined by his crown
Glistening royal blue, spirited elegant green and hues of gold
A breathtaking sight, truth be told.

Lingering looks of admiration never cease to exist
His feathers breathe a fire and valor;
For he is hungry and ready to feast

A mission, a desire, fuelled by passion; immobilized by fear
The essence of his color rules his heart, for he has shed many a tear
The time has come for him to fly,

To soar into the sky like a shooting star
To believe, to take a leap, to recognize the magic he holds,
Let the door be left ajar

Fire, earth, wind, and water start to play
A melody of madness, a ruffling of feathers and come what may
He will emerge shining with the light of a million stars,

His feathers swaying, in the sparkling sun.
Standing on the front line, running with the devil,
He has won.