Honey, Honey

This is the magical and wonderful story of how Honey came into our lives. But, in order to tell this story, we must go back. All the way back to the past 15 years with my first cat, Max.

Oh, Max. He was a gentle soul. Since he was a kitten, he was terrified. He must have gone through a lot of trauma in the short eight weeks before we adopted him. The entire fifteen years he was with me, this fear lived with us too. I did what I do best, love him and accept him however he showed up. He didn’t change very much. He hid most of the time unless it was just me, and then he would stay close, cuddle or nap beside me.

And, he was my best friend.


He knew exactly when I was deeply sad, or crying, as he’d find me and look at me with those eyes as if to say, “I’m here”. I felt his love deeply. He was my angel. Fifteen years is not a short amount of time, yet it feels like a small blip of time now that he’s gone. He was there when no one else was. He was with me through some of the most difficult times of my life. All the loneliness, the breakups, the breakdowns, as well as the healing. He was part of the healing. I’m so grateful for him, and to him.

Max left this earth on July 14, 2022, and my heart was crushed. It broke into a million little pieces. I held him as he passed on. It was probably the most significant, and most painful thing I’ve ever chosen to do. In his last moments, I wanted him to know I was there for him. That I was going to hold him as he held me all those years. Even now, as I write this, it breaks my heart. I miss him terribly. I miss his spirit, his presence and his wise eyes.

After he passed on, I was left really missing him and feeling a large void in our home. I decided I wanted to be around some cats to help ease my pain. There was an adoption event that the local shelter was hosting, so off we went. Right away, there was one little kitten that caught my eye. I felt drawn to her immediately. I knew she was female, because of her colouring. I asked the volunteer if I could hold her. I was told that she was really squirmy and didn’t like to be held. A couple of others had asked to hold her also, and she tried to escape. I insisted. They opened her carrier and gave her to me. She immediately nuzzled herself on my chest into my neck and was really content to just hang there. Everyone was shocked. I was not. I knew she would be good with me, I could feel it. As soon as I saw her, I knew her name was Honey. She had honey-coloured eyes, and some orange patches on her, so it was fitting. I left thinking I really felt connected to her, but that it was far too soon to have a new cat in our lives. I was still grieving and needed more time. So, we left.

Six weeks after that day, I had been thinking about this little kitty, thinking that she’d probably already been adopted by someone, and hoping that she was happy. I had also become a volunteer at that same shelter, already completed my orientation, and was about to work my first shift. Before my first shift, I decided to take my little nieces over to the shelter so they could play with some kittens. We walked over to the spot, and guess who we see in there? No other than ‘Honey’. I was completely shocked! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I picked her up and held her, and felt that same connection as I did the first time. I asked immediately if I could put in an application to adopt her and I was told that there were already two families that had applied, and she was going to go to one of them.

My heart was crushed 💔

I cried in the car.

It felt like she had slipped through my fingers. I should have asked after her, I should have taken her the first time I saw her. I couldn’t help but feel like she was meant to be mine. So, I decided to email one of the volunteers, to let them know that I was interested, just in case anything changed with the applications. I asked if I could also submit an application since I was serious about adopting the kitty I’d come to know as Honey. And then, I had to let it all go. As crushed as I was, I couldn’t do anything but feel my disappointment and let it go. I had to hope that she would live in a happy home and that was the most important thing.

That night, we were out celebrating and just before it was time to go, I checked my phone. There was an email from the shelter. They had decided that they were going to let me adopt her! I was to pick her up the next day! I was DELIGHTED! EXCITED! ELATED! OVER THE MOON! OVERJOYED!

Honey was ours.