I’m done surviving life. Now, I’m living to thrive.

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm Freya Rose Fox.

I was born in the U.K. and lived there until I was 21 years old. I now live in beautiful Vancouver, B.C. with my partner, Rick, doggie, Koa, and kitty, Max.

I came from a traditional and religious family where I never felt like I belong. Most of my decisions were made for me, which left me unsure of who I was and it really didn't help that I lost my mom at a really young age. I've felt alone and empty most of my life, yearning to feel whole and worthy of something good.

Every single day I make choices to either love myself or to abandon myself. I am learning to trust that I am exactly where I need to be in each moment. With each decision I make, I learn more about myself and it has gotten me to where I am now. I am so grateful for the richness and love that surrounds me.

I write my truth in these posts, I share insights that I have from my own experiences. I'm truly honoured that you are here.

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Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you love. It will not lead you astray.Rumi

The Rise of the Wisewoman Podcast

In 2020, once the pandemic hit, there was a significant rise in people feeling panic and anxiety. I know I was feeling it, and it hit me harder than I could have imagined. Everything felt uncertain and terrifying. Our 'normal' world was changing, and fast. It was almost as if overnight, everything we knew, looked different.

Magi and I decided to collectively come together to record our sessions to help support the energy around us. Magi believes that if we heal ourselves, it also heals those around us. Everyone is impacted by the energy around them. Hopefully, you can relate to some of the experiences I was going through, and at the very least, gain the immense wisdom that Magi has to share with us.

Learn more about Magi here: www.magdalen.ca


    Right now, I feel and I'm good with that.

    I choose life I choose me

    things to mention
    • I went to Bali, Indonesia
    • I met my 29 Bali Sisters
    • Ended a relationship
    • Started an exciting job
    • Went skydiving = love
    • Started hating olives

    Follow what feels good

    Things to mention

    • New relationship
    • Sexy dance classes
    • Made new friends
    • Bali sister reunion!
    • Claim Your Power Live
    • Doing Barre 5x a week

    Abundance, clarity + trust

    things to mention

    • My first niece is born!
    • Lost my full time job
    • Traveled to Mexico
    • Ended a relationship
    • Started my dream job!
    • Traveled to New York

    Surrender, Power + Flow

    things to mention

    • Travelled to 13 places
    • In a romantic relationship
    • Faced so many fears
    • Volunteered
    • Travelled alone to Hawaii
    • Walked on fire with Tony Robbins!

    Alignment + Pleasure

    Things to mention
    • Living with partner
    • Found my coven
    • Swam with wild dolphins in Hawaii
    • All Clear - Declutter + Organize
    • Working out at Turf
    • Rescued a dog, Koa!

    Space, Prosperity + Build

    things to mention
    • Becoming a dog mom
    • Struggling with suicide
    • Made Freya legal
    • Relationship conflict
    • HR Certification
    • Traveling to the UK

    Repair, Heal + Rest

    things to mention
    • Pandemic
    • Back in love + light
    • Lots of Zooming
    • The Class Workouts
    • Home Upgrades
    • Started a podcast

    Breakthrough + Level-up

    things to mention
    • Got married!
    • Bought a house!
    • New job opportunities
    • Honeymooning!
    • Got an electric car
    • Started a business