A powerful coven of WITCHES.

So this is a story all about how I found a group of women with who I will forever want to do life. I want to capture what they mean to me and how I see them in this little post. It’s a post to honour, and convey my gratitude for them in my life.

Before I met them, I felt like a lost little soul. I love my family, but like many of us, my childhood wasn’t the happiest. I felt like I was scouring the earth to find ‘my people’ and sometimes I thought I’d stumbled on them but alas it didn’t work out that way. There were far too many painful friend breakups or separations and I kept feeling less and less hopeful that I was meant to have close friends. 

I met these women, reluctantly on my part, at a friends stagette. This friend was a new-ish friend who had invited her most loved gals, so of course me being me, I was completely terrified at the thought of meeting 6 brand new women who mostly knew each other. I’ve often felt like I didn’t belong, and that narrative was at an all time high on this trip. The surprising part was that completely vanished the moment I met some of these women on our drive up to Whistler. By the time we got to the cabin (an hour and a half give or take), we were laughing, giggling, being silly, sharing deep secrets and gabbing on and on about everything under the sun. Little did we know that we were destined for being this incredible coven we are today.

Each of these magical women have their own wonderful personalities and characters, and I’m going to capture their essences through colours. I don’t want to share their names for privacy sakes (and a little bit of fun) so here goes.

The Witches 8

The BLACK Witch – she is strong like onyx and has the grounding powers of black obsidian. She is youthful, like a kitten, but her wisdom and magic are ancient. They come from a pure, direct connection to source that lives in the world we see and in the unseen. You want this woman on your team, always. Her life has taken many twists and turns but she still shows up ready to live in her truth to lead others to theirs. She has an edge, but when you look closer you can feel her softness. She is a true gift.

The PURPLE Witch – this is no ordinary purple, it’s a lilac, violet kind of hue, she’s the cool kid, the popular one, oh, you know the type. Everyone wants to be her friend, and she knows it. It doesn’t feed her ego, no, it feeds her heart so that she can keep giving to those that need it most. She is so deeply loving and caring, it’s a joy to witness. This woman is something savoury and sweet with a dash of unicorn sprinkles and a cherry on top. A cool cat – and someone you can instantly trust with your life.

The GOLD Witch – she’s not gaudy or yellow by any means, this woman’s gold is a champagne tone. She sparkles when she walks into every room, and her comedic talent is simply comedic gold. Her cackle can be heard across the seas, and all those worthy will flock to her side just to glean some of her fairy dust. She’s a curious cat, making allies with all types of people, no matter who they are. She has a linguistic talent that just makes you feel at home. If you do end up at her home, be prepared, this brilliant babe will feed you some tasty golden treats 🙂 

The RED Witch – this phoenix rose from the ashes, literally and transformed her trauma into dazzling tones that soothe the soul. She’s a fiery dragon and a sweet little angel all in one little tootsie roll of a woman. Her kinship is unlike any other, she is fiercely loyal. It’s incredibly inspiring that her painful past has not touched her true essence – her heart is gigantic and felt by the masses. Sit back, and feel held by her notes, her power, her force. It will bring tears that cleanse you of your pain. Be free she says, be free.

The GREEN Witch – Oh mama earth, this goddess is all of that and more. Her beaming positivity and mama bear vibes are truly beyond measure. Unwavering and unconditional love seeps from her sparkly smile, everlasting the many realms she’s walked through. Her feminine essence is something to witness. It’s so deep and rich, and strong. Just like the earth. She welcomes and holds space for all, and in her presence, we all come together as one.

The ORANGE Witch – oh boy, this mama is fierce. She is a lioness. Her hair is her mane, and she knows how to rock it. Everything she touches comes alive with new life. This woman is wise beyond her years, talented beyond her physical form and a true witchy goddess. When she connects to source, the words that the divine send through her are delectable, juicy and expansive. Finger licking, good. Her secret superpower is bringing like-minded forces together. She creates community. She is community. This is my kind of woman.

The TEAL Witch – this woman’s strength and devotion remind me of the ocean. It is vast and deep and incredibly strong. When she recognizes that she is the whole ocean and not just a mere drop, wow, she is mesmerizing to watch. When you look into her eyes, she mirrors back to you what she sees in you, pure love. She is a dear, dear friend and she will let you fall into her arms to hold you and love you. Thank you dear one, for being so loving.

The PINK Witch – this woman is love. That’s all she wants to know, to give, to feel, to see. Love. Her journey in life has been to believe. Believe in magic, believe in love, believe in abundance. She is living, breathing proof, that love wins, every time. She’s living her best self when she allows herself to see life through childlike wonder. She is committed to breaking through the barriers that hold her back. Her power is fierce and mighty, like the Norse goddess of love and war. She knows that she must fight to stand tall while she walks earth sprinkling her love along the way.

Well, there you have it. These are my women. One of them is me.

Can you guess which one?